Behind the Scenes (Testimonials)

Our favourite Video! When we first started this Web Series, our mission was to not only be successful in selling all of the homes in less than 6 weeks, but to also do it in a way that all of our Clients were happy at the end. The biggest challenge we faced was that almost all of these homes had been on the market previously and most of the Clients had no previous relationship with our Team. We knew that if we were to sell all of the homes in a short period of time, the Sellers of each home needed to be completely informed on the strategy going forward. This video shows that when a strategy is set and executed properly, and the Seller is 100% informed on the decisions they are making, it is possible to sell a home extremely fast without damaging any of the relationship built. All of these testimonials were taken AFTER the home had sold!

EPISODE 1: Pricing Strategy

1559 Westerdale Drive, Kamloops BC

In this episode we decided to focus on the power of utilizing a proper pricing strategy. This, however, was not the only thing that we relied on to get the home sold. Rachel did an amazing job of following the reccomendations of our stager, and my recommendations for the proper home preperation plan before Listing the property for sale. The home showed absolutely amazing before we had any Buyers come through.We also had the home pre-inspected and had all deficiencies addressed before putting the home on the market to help protect our bottom line in the negotiation. The last thing we did before launching was focus on a very specific demographic of Buyer with all of our marketing efforts. The pricing strategy along with this added preperation is what caused the home to sell in only 18 days after sitting on the market for over 3 years with another Real Estate Agent.

EPISODE 2: The Power of a Pre Inspection

1833 Sedgewick Drive, Kamloops BC

This episode focuses on utilizing a pre inspection in our Listing strategy. Pre Inspections are especially effective on an older home such as 1833 Westerdale Drive as the sole purpose is to protect from "the higher authority" negotiation strategy. There is nothing more frustrating than getting an accepted offer at an agreed upon price and then having the Buyers come back and demand an adjustment in price because of small issues that arise in the home inspection. With a Pre Inspection, we are protecting ourselves from that strategy by either fixing these deficiencies when possible or disclosing everything that is wrong with the home before an offer is given. Every home has minor deficiencies and we want to ensure we are not leaving any money on the table by having to give concencions for these minor issues.

EPISODE 3: Showcasing


In this episode we focused on the power of showcasing and what that actually means. Showcasing a home is a way of presenting the home to the public in a way that elevates it above the competition. Through staging, a proper showing strategy for when Buyer(s) viewed the home, and utilizing the pre inspection to fix/disclose any deficiencies up front we were able to sell this home in just 9 days. To put this into perspective, the average days on market for homes similar to this property was 92!

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EPISODE 4: Staging


In this episode we focused on the power of staging and location. We were on a very tight time frame and we needed results fast. Through staging this home, we needed to appeal to the right Buyer(s) for this particular neighbourhood. With a Brand new development just a block away, that was selling in a similar price point, we knew that we had to appeal to the right demographic. We went to a multiple offer situation and sold for full asking price in 12 Days

EPISODE 5: The Art of Negotiation


In this episode we focused on the power of a strong negotiating strategy and presenting your home to attract it's real value. Too many times we see money left on the table due to apoor negotiation. This is one of the areas that can make or break your ability to sell for the right price. Jeremy is CNE Certified which means he is a "Certified Negotiation Expert" This means that he is fully trained to get the price you deserve once we get to the negotiating table. This is one of the major factors that has allowed us to average 98.2% over the last 12 months which is substantially higher then the board average. Put our negotiating abilities to work for you!

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EPISODE 6: Preparing the HomeOME


This episode focuses on a couple of points in the home selling process. We look at what a standard home preperation plan looks like, Selling a manufactured home on Pad Rent in Kamloops and the power of a proper open house to attract a Buyer. Brandon and Suvannah did an amazing job taking our advice and implementing the plan even thou they were just months away from adding a third addition to their home. We sold the home in 50 days (a little over the 6 week time frame) and received 98% of the asking price!

EPISODE 7: Small Renos = Big Results


The power of small renovations in strategic areas is the focus of Episode 7. We always recommend meeting with our Team before starting your renovations. We have a Certified Interior Decorator and a wealth of experience at your disposal to help strategize together on the most effective areas to spend your money with the most desirable house trends of the current market. Rod was an absolute pleasure to work with and really did an amazing job of not breaking the bank with a renovation budget and still creating a great result!

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EPISODE 8: Inside a Forclosure


We look at the process of Buying a foreclosure, and interview Grey Walroth, a professional house flipper in this episode. We alwaus look at the power of the market and showcase how an aggressive pricing strategy can evoke a multiple offer situation and if done properly can help a home sell for it's highest value. We used this strategy to sell the home in just over 3 weeks for almost $40,000 over asking price!

EPISODE 9: Picture Perfect


Professional photography and virtual tools can have a massive impact on the success of a Lising. In this episode, we showcase Dennis Owen, our professional photographer, as he describes the process he goes through to properly shoot a home. Also, in an interesting twist this episode has a surprise ending! Take a look!

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EPISODE 10: Renovating to Sell


The Grande Finale! One of our most requested programs is the Renovate Now, Pay Later program. In this episode we showcase the true power of this program. After sitting on the market for 122 days, Steve and Elaine take advantage of our contacts and renovate the home with our custom preperation plan. Once completed, the Cinkant's relisted the property for $10,000 higher than their last List price and sold in only 3 days!